The original Purple Haze Shrimp!

Purple Haze Shrimp

 Over 25 years at New World Home Cooking and 11 years at New World Bistro Bar, Purple Haze Shrimp has been one of my most talked about, feared and beloved dishes. It was also turned into crazy sauerkraut, a wild pizza ( The Tie Dye Pie) and a dangerous bloody Mary among other things.

Well, now that Purple Haze sauce is bottled you can whip up purple haze shrimp in about 7 minutes, so what are waiting for. Get your bottle of Purple Haze and get cooking! 

Its available online right now or in selected stores in Upstate NY and anew England  Check the store locator page here. Http://

Makes enough for a dozen big shrimp.


12 U-15 shrimp, peeled, deveined and tails on

2-3 tablespoons butter

2 oz purple haze hot sauce


The garnishes are all bridges to the flavors in the sauce.

Diced pineapple (it cools ya down)

Fresh thyme

chopped scallions

This is a very simple and quick preparation. But I do hope that you learn to properly cook shrimp...Which means they should be caramelized, nutty and just cooked through without being boiled too hard. 

Use a nice heavy skillet. Put the skillet over medium high heat. Add a generous knob of butter. 

 When the butter foams lay the shrimp down individually one by one so they’re not overlapping each other. 

Let the shrimp cook for at least 90 seconds or up to two minutes without moving the pan until they are golden on one side. 

Carefully turn the shrimp over with tongs and swirl swirl the pan a bit and then add a generous 2 ounces or more a Purple Haze to your liking. 

Swirl the pan again. Cook for about another minute. 

Look at the shrimp from the side and when they are opaque remove from heat and add another small knob of butter and using a fork or whisk or just swirling motion dissolve that butter into the sauce. 

That’s it