Ric Orlando's DOBE Chicken Wing recipe, No fry style

Ric Orlando's DOBE seasoned No Fry Chicken Wings
Another Fabulous Ric-Ter Scale Brand Flavor Maker Spices recipe

Ric-ter Scale Brand sauces and Flavor Maker Spices are all you need to ROCK any game!

This is the way we made the WINGS at my New World restaurants for years.
We relied less on frying and more on marinating and roasting. We did give them a quick dip in the fryer before serving just to crisp them up, but that is not crucial. 

(By the way, this recipe works great with cauliflower too, the only variation is to toss with a little oil as well as the lime and DOBE!)

FYI: I have never been a crazy fan of basic Buffalo Wings--ok I admit it, so shoot me. 
I mean I love the idea, but too often the chicken itself was tough and rubbery. Why? Because in a normal bar kitchen, unflavored wings are fried in crappy GMO oil, leaving the chicken itself to be, shall we say, less than delish. 
So it is the sauce that carries the day.
But what if, just if, the chicken itself can be just as delicious and the sauce? What if it is tender and falling off the bone? 
Bingo! Here is my technique for outrageously delicious wings in three steps. 
The lime and DOBE get the flavor all the way to the bone!
It is SO EASY! 
    Marinate whenever. 
    Bake whenever.
    Heat to eat when ready.

You can do it well ahead of time. Trust me on this. 
Using my Flavor Maker Spices DOBE seasoning is the best, but you can just use salt, pepper and garlic powder...(DOBE is WAYYYY better) 

This recipe makes makes a nice pile.
3 LB chicken wings
juice of three limes

3 Tbls  Flavor Maker Spices DOBE seasoning

Place wings in a large bowl.
Squeeze over the lime juice. 

Lime will help to flavor the wings all the way to the bone!

Add the seasoning and toss well to coat.

Allow to marinate refrigerated for at least an hour but preferably overnight.

Pan them up on a rack, not overlapping. ( you see I used my turkey roaster pan rack)

Preheat oven to 475. If you have convection, turn it on!

Lay wings on a cookie sheet, and its best on a rack if you have it. 
(Tip: If you are cooking on a rack, line the sheet with foil or parchment paper  before putting down the rack. Clean up with be so much easier.)
(Tip 2: If you don't have a rack, do NOT cook the wings on foil or parchment paper directly. It will stick to the skin of your wings. Just deal with the cleanup later)
Lay wings not overlapping on your rack or pan.
Bake for 25 minutes
Turn over and bake for 15 more minutes until golden brown.

The wings are now so delicious you may forget your sauce---but NO--Break out the Purple Haze!!!

You can now sauce them and eat them, or you can cool them and store them refrigerated for up to 3 days.
When you are ready to reheat them, just 
a. Bake for 10 minutes to crisp 'em up and sauce after.
b. Set up a pot of oil and fry them until crisp.
Either way, the chicken will be so good!
 Toss with your favorite sauce now.
DOBE Roasted wings with a bowl of Purple Haze Psychedelic Hot Sauce are just on of my many gifts to humankind.

Ric-Ter Scale brand Flavor Maker Spices are all you need for EVERY GAME, Not just the "Big" One!

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